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How do Subluxations affect my health?

Every cell in your body is controlled by your nerve system. Stress on your spinal joints or structures interfere with the function of your spinal nerves. Thus, when your spine is subluxated, the nerves will suffer and the organs or tissues that the nerves supply will also suffer.

The animation below shows 3 different stages of spinal functioning.

  • The green dot represents ideal spinal function with the nerves firing at a normal, controlled rate. The brain is able to get clear, accurate signals from the organs and is able to respond appropriately.
  • The yellow dot represents a 'sub-optimal state.' The spine isn't 100% and neither are the nerves. You may not be in pain, but since only 10% of your nerves carry pain, you are often unaware that your organs are not functioning at 100%.
  • The red dot represents the subluxated state. There is so much chaos in your spine and nerve system that the nerves are unable to send or receive accurate information to and from the brain. As a result you experience pain, discomfort, headaches, back pain, and other obvious symptoms.

Click the colored dots to see how your spine and nerve system can affect your internal organs.

Chiropractors look at how well you function as an indicator of your state of health, not just a lack of pain. For instance, top athletes that demand more from their bodies seek chiropractic care even when they are not in pain to ensure their spine and nerve system are working optimally.

Many of us are unaware of the millions of processes occurring in our body every day, such as our heart beating and our stomach digesting. Your body takes care of this for you. Thus, you should make sure the communication lines from your organs to your brain are working at 100%.

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