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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Ideal Protein is a proven, doctor-supervised, and effective weight loss program to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight by reducing body fat and retaining muscle mass.

Lose weight fast, and keep it off.

Only available through health care practitioners, Ideal Protein can help you lose 3-7 pounds per week of fat without exercise. The diet program will also teach you which foods will make you gain weight, so you can maintain your new, healthy shape. Ideal Protein is the best way to lose those extra pounds that never seem to come off -- and keep them off.

Free weight loss lecture and samples

Call (360) 694-5152 to join one of Dr. Miller's free weight loss lectures and learn how the Ideal Protein program could help you lose weight. You will also receive free samples of food products from Ideal Protein and Walden Farms. There is no obligation.

"Together we have lost 150 pounds on Ideal Protein program so far. We were so happy that we decided to offer it to our patients and others to improve their overall wellness."
- Ann and Dr. Jerry Miller

Delicious Food

The Ideal Protein products are of superior quality and contain essential amino acids to allow the ideal amount of protein to be absorbed by your body. They are also delicious and nutritional. Try our wide range of instant, easy-to-prepare and ready-to-eat products.

Personalized care

Dr. Miller and his staff provide personalized, one-on-one weekly support and education to ensure you stay on track, reach your goal, and stay healthy.

Inspired by Sports Medicine

Ideal Protein was developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, a general practitioner and doctor of nutrition, sports medicine, and biology. During his time as a boxer and Thai boxing instructor, he learned that a high-protein diet was the optimal way for boxers to lose 5 or 10 pounds to stay in their proper weight class and still be in optimal shape for their fights.

Corrects Your Metabolism

When your pancreas is not functioning properly, it causes your body to absorb too much sugar and store fat. Ketosis, a body state induced by the protein diet, corrects the pancreas' metabolism. When the pancreas is corrected, the cravings for sweets disappear and your body functions as it should.

Eliminates Cellulite

Ideal Protein’s targeted approach and detoxifying effect shrink fat cells, thereby eliminating most cellulite. Plus, Ideal Protein's high biological value protein revitalizes and softens the skin by providing it with the nutrients it needs and in the right amounts.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had a colicky baby who would cry/ scream most of her waking moments. We tried so many different remedies from gas medicine to herbal remedies to baby massaging. All of which had mild results temporarily. We finally took our daughter to get adjusted. Since that adjustment she has not had any colic symptoms! Chiropractic was the cure we were looking for and I am so glad we had our girl adjusted! Dr. Miller is a wonderful chiropractor who has been adjusting me for 20+ years. I highly recommend him for anyone in the Portland/Vancouver area!"
    Neriah Harris

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